Thursday, March 29, 2007


My shoes! A kitchen! Cooking! My computer! My shoes! Oh and my sister.

So many long months without my beautiful Pumas. So many long months without cooking. Oh glory be! Hallelujah! And all that other tosh. I can cook again. I can wear my shoes again. I feel whole. Huzzah!

Its also nice to see my sister again after so long of course. But did I mention my shoes and the cooking? I'm cooking again. This is fantastic. New ingredients. New styles to learn. Old styles to integrate. Yes I'm a foodie and a damn good cook (as is my sibling). We enjoy our food, we enjoy cooking and of course food is always well accompanied by vino, and I'm glad to report the youngster has not let us down in that department. Sorted!

There will be more news from the Mexico front once I've got over myself. Gotta go create!

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Miss Ember said...

Nikki-chan! Are you in Mexico now, me dear? will ye be working there?

I will farewell the Rosie Bunny this month as I've got a university jobbie! Hurrah with knobs on!