Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yes the younger Wineera celebrated the passing of another year on the weekend. This wonderous event- its always a joy when it happens to someone else isn't it- saw us head into the bustling metropolis again to partake of some Indian fare.
Our hopes were that it would be at least somewhere near authentic. After having worked in one of the best Indian restaurants in the world- Talk of India- and then galavanting about the actual country for awhile, I knew it wouldn't be 'up there' but I had hopes. The poor younger sibling who hadn't had any form of Indian cuisine in almost 4 years, was looking forward to a meal with a difference. Thus we embarked on our little adventure to Restaurant Tandoor

Different it was. Memorable it was. For all the wrong reasons.

Now I admit I am no connaisseur, but good Indian food I know. And this quite frankly just didn't cut the mustard. First of all, nigh on all the of the dishes had curry powder in them. Now since when has Indian food been made with the equivalent of Edmond's Curry Powder I ask you? It didn't stop there. The Paneer Palak had Panella (a Mexican cheese) in it instead of Paneer (an Indian cheese) AND it had Mango Chutney already added! Falmin' Nora!
The Butter Chicken was ok but nothing fantastic. The Dhal Makhani was the strangest looking Dhal I've seen, and tasted nothing like any Dhal Makhani I've ever had either. The chai... Sigh. The chai was utter shite. It was simply black tea with milk and minus the spices that make chai the wonderful taste sensation that it is.
There was a plus side tho'. The chef's recommendation; the Bhuna Murgh was good. It tasted authentic and was a hit with one and all. And the boss's mum who never really eats anything but Mexican food loved her introduction to Indian cuisine.

Dinner over and bellies nearly full, we headed to GianDolce to indulge in some gelato heaven. Oh. My. God. The icecream here is just friggin mind blowing! Ok, so that may be somewhat of an exaggeration, but believe me when I say its bloody good stuff! The array of flavours are set out before you in a very regimental manner, side by side in their little silver containers, inviting you, demanding even, that you give in to temptation and discover how delightful they truly are. So give in we did. But as the medium cup only has enough room for two flavours (white chocolate with brownie pieces and chocolate were my picks) and there are obvioulsy waaaaaay more than two flavours available, that means I'll have to pay another visit. What a cryin' shame.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Just round the bend...

Now you know that in big cities the world over weird and wonderful things are apt to happen at a moments notice. Whether you are ready for it or not. Well the strangest thing that I have seen in a big city happened last weekend.

We had headed into the big smoke- locally known as Mexico City- to pick up some books for the school. It started out as a jolly jaunt. We supped at an Italian establishment that strayed somewhat from your traditional fare; I for example had fish with a goats cheese sauce nestled on a bed of mushrooms. The sauce was both plentiful and delish, the mushrooms a good partner but, I could not for the life of me taste the fish. It was there under the smothering weight of the sauce, but when you tried to taste the fish all you got was goat's cheese. The sauce/mushroom combination would have been absolutely divine with a (thick) cut of red meat, on the fish however, it was completely wasted. Sigh.

After the exotic meal we picked up the books, which also included a bit of drama. Drama and Wineera seem to go hand in hand at times. The credit card machine was down so the boss tried to pay with a cheque. The bookstore didn't want to accept a cheque for that much money. Arguments ensued, the manager was called, identification was required, assurance that the school was real was demanded, and finally the books were handed over. One of the lads who worked there carting them out to the car for us. Splendid! But I mean seriously, I may be naive but surely when someone buys eighty books and shows their ID and business card along with their cheque, you don't really need to worry that its all going to go to pot do you?

Anyway, bellies full and books tucked away in the boot, we headed out of the bustling metropolis. On one of the main roads out of town (Paseo Reforma), near a major intersection, we spotted a few lads with their shirts off and in what appeared to be their daks (undies, jocks, underwear etc). Somewhat strange but it was a hot day so it didn't really warrant a second thought. Then what do you know, we rock up to a bunch of traffic lights and there are chaps (and lassies) sans vetments (without clothes) but the men did have some modesty- they had strapped a photo of a senator infront of their "bits". They were protesting against the confiscation of their lands by the senate. Quite a unique way to go about it I thought, and there were a few of them aswell, the chaps ranging in age from teenager to grandfather, and the ladies from mother's of youngsters to grandmothers. It was quite something to see a well fed lady my mum's age in all her glory going from car to car to get donations let me tell ya. The chaps would wander in front of the cars when the light was red with their banners and drums, singing for all the world to hear, like parading naked was an everyday occurence. Perhaps it was.
I don't know the details of this dispute, I just know they were an indigenous group protesting something they felt was unjust, in a literally jaw dropping way.

Good on them. I hope it works out.