Sunday, March 18, 2007


Is it a word? I highly doubt it. What does it mean? I have no bloody idea. But its the word that describes my time in Nepal.


A country of surprises.

A country where a movie is shot just down the road and shooting has to be interrupted because cars/bikes/animals/pedestrians are using the public road they are filming on.

A country where there are computers and cell phones, yet, where your laundary is done by hand.

A country where a lack of tact is not a bad thing (luckily for me).

A country where Maori time exists aswell (huzzah!).

A country where a herd of goats walking down the mainstreet of town is the morning ritual.

A country where children can run around unsupervised and enjoy the freedom of being young and energetic.

A country where having nothing is the same as having everything.

A country that is full of friendly faces and welcoming hearts.

A country that I love.

Perfurgulate. Perfurgulatory. Perfurgulation.

My time in Nepal. Fan-bloody-tastic!

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