Monday, March 19, 2007

Maori vs Nepali?

I seriously think our two cultures are long lost cousins.

Some similarities....
  • "Nepali" time
  • "Aunty" and "Uncle" for older people, related or not
  • men standing around in groups drinking tea after (or before) work that needs to be done
  • inviting people into your home after knowing them only a short time
  • not taking "No" for an answer from a guest with regards to food or drink
  • quick to laugh and have fun
  • quick to sing and dance (even if a bit of alcohol is needed first)
  • family gatherings are important

You could take any Maori out of NZ, drop them into Nepal and there would be no problem. The natural friendliness and love of a good laugh of both cultures would break down any barrier that might arise due to the language thing.

Oh! Not to forget that whole "love of a good feed" thing too. If you were to venture into a Maori home or a Nepali home, there is NO WAY you would leave hungry. Absolutely no way.

So how say you? Long lost cousins or what?

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