Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Peddling we will go...

Well never did get round to biking Beijing, but managed to do a peddling of sorts. On a lake.
Yep our last day in Beijing saw us take a peddle boat out onto the lake of "BeiHai Park". Very tranquil and picturesque. If you take away the smog that was shrouding everything and the crazy guys in their speedboats. It was a very family affair. Lots of children out with parents and grandparents, piloting their peddle boats or their battery powered ones. Almost a Victorian atmosphere to the whole thing. All that was missing were the parasols and bonnets. The mandatory row boats were out in force aswell. Super!!
It is very easy to meander around the park. A gentle stroll around the lake is all that is needed to take you back in time. And for the ones looking for a bit more exercise and a bit of a view, a wee hike up the hill to the "White Pagoda" is all that is needed. On a beautiful clear day I'm sure the view is astounding. However today, the horizon was smog-filled and you could not see much past the end of an outstretched arm.
All in all though, it was a perfectly peaceful end to a wonderful few days in Beijing.

Ahhh... Bless!

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Vernon said...

Wasn't Family Affair one of those crud TV shows?

Hey, do you reckon tomorrow might be a clear day for the view?