Monday, July 17, 2006

Market Galore!

Arrival in Kunming was by an oh-so-quick and most relaxing plane trip. Yep a splurge was in order if we were to leave Chengdu before the end of this week. So a 5am wake up call and four hours later saw us wandering around Kunming airport looking for a bus to get us to our hostel.
Luggage stowed and fare paid we were on our way. Happily discovering even at this hour that Kunming at a balmy 19 degrees was simply heavenly compared to its northern neighbours. Vehicle generated breeze wafting through our hair, car and bus horns performing the "Kunming Opus", and vocal locals supplying lyrics for our introduction to a southern city Sunday morning, what fun! There was already a lot of hustle and bustle happening on the streets although the hour was still young.
Wandering the streets here, you notice that the people are more friendly than their northern counterparts. Better looking too. Well now, you gotta admire the scenery every now and then! My mate is quite happy too, the women are more "blessed" here than previously visited parts of Asia... bean salad
Along with the friendliness and the good looks, there is an absolute plethera of markets! Its fantastic! There are food markets, flower markets, meat markets (fair dinkum ones, not the ones you find in dodgy bars or clubs), clothes markets and of course this being China, tea is everywhere. Your senses are assaulted from all angles and your good sense aswell. One wander through the markets or a look at food preparation here immediately brings the dubious hygiene habits of some Chinese restaurants back home into perspective. Stall operators don't hassle you as you wander past either. For once they are actually more concerned with bonafide Chinese customers buying their wares and you are just an amusing diversion. Marvellous!

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Vernon said...

Yes, Kunming manages to please through the simple pleasures. Glad to see you spent more time here than I gave it. Mind you I stayed in one of the shitest hotels in China...