Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Makeup Etiquette

I've lived in a few big cities (and a few smaller ones) round the globe, and been witness to how the women of the world (and in some cases men) do themselves up on public transport or in public areas.

Not being much of a face paint fan myself, I am always amazed at the way in which it is applied on bumpy roads and in lurching underground transportation.
The eyes, always the most important, require the most time and care. However, when I see a woman (or women) valiently attempting to get that perfect line around the eye with liquid eyeliner, on a bus that is stopping every 50 metres or so whilst going over cobblestones, or in an underground train with people falling all over them in a vain attempt at balance, I fail to see the importance of the exercise. Can't it just wait 'til work?
Here in the land of Golden Cerveza the most striking thing thus far, in terms of face paintage and maintenance, has been the use of a spoon. The common household spoon has been bought in to replace the eyelash curler. I didn't quite believe it at first, thought it was just the one young lass who was a bit cuckoo or a bit strapped for cash. Turns out however, I was a bit too quick in my way of thinking. Rather than being the oddity I thought she was, she is in fact part of the majority of the public-transportation-face-paint-applying multitude. Well now fancy that!

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