Monday, June 26, 2006

Murphy's Law...

The countdown has begun in earnest for the departure and our young Murphy throws a spanner in the works! By gum! A few posts have already mentioned this bar and its proprietor, the music, the drunkards and their behaviour. But they have failed to capture the wonderful atmosphere, the fun, the cheeky smile that always greets, the good food, a short yet cherished friendship. It seems that good things always come at the end of a journey.

So if you are in Hiroshima check out Tomo Dining near Hondori, its worth it.

In the same vein, the acquaintance of a native Guatemalan and his okonomiyaki was made. But alas! T'was not to be. As with the afore mentioned gent, a brief flirtation with friendship was all that was to be had. Used to saying goodbye however, makes one grateful for any meeting of like-minded people. No matter how fleeting the encounter. A smile goes a long way, cheekiness is always responded to in kind and kind eyes speak volumes.

If you want a taste of Guatemala, head to Lopez near Yokogawa station. Good food, good fun.

Bittersweet goodbyes though... they always suck.

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Vernon said...

I'll vouch for Tomo's for sure. Great music there to really dig into the atmosphere. I recall having serveral beers and dozens of laughs there with a few great friends. Yes, go there.