Saturday, October 20, 2007

Independence Day

Yes they celebrate that here too. Independence from the Spanish. It alledgedly involves yelling your head off in town (rolling drunk I imagine) and celebrating the heroes who won independence for Mexico.
We opted out of that type of celebration and instead headed for sunnier parts- Metepec not having had any sun for quite some time at that stage, September- near Cuernavaca. Tehuixla is a teeny, tiny place but we managed to find a wonderful spot to spend a weekend in the sun.
The house belonged to an ex-US military man and his wife. They live upstairs and rent out the ground floor. Bloomin' wonderful! A lovely pool to spend the days lazing in (or beside depending on your preference), a huge kitchen to test your culinary skills in, and an equally large shower to soothe the sunburn pain away. Yes we all got toasted quite well that weekend. Even ol' Maori here coming from NZ and knowing better than to stay in the sun without sunblock, time away from the constant warnings about "burn time" and "slip, slop, slap" and you get just a wee bit arrogant. Shocking.
I can't say that I complained too much bout the lobster colour tho'- it was nice to be back to a healthier looking skin tone, instead of the pasty, porcelain, dead-for-a-week colour that I had been.
A relaxing weekend away, oh how I wish it had been longer!

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mushroom 2006 said...

Kia ora
sounds like a whole lot of fun, except for the sunburn! You can look forward to more of the same!